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How to Make an Interactive Business Card That Will Stand Out

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How to Make an Interactive Business Card That Will Stand Out

When you’re ready to take your business card from being a means for people to find out more about you to a standalone piece of marketing that will catch their attention, you need to take action. Giving your business card the attention it deserves can be tricky. You do not want to throw it away, but neither do you want to leave it lying around. If you want to give your business card a boost, you should showcase it in the most effective way possible.

There is a wide range of different ways you can make your business card stand out. You can highlight your name, logo, and other essential contact details. You can also showcase your services and what it is that you can offer to others. Let’s explore how to showcase your business card in the most effective way possible.

Make your business card stand out from the crowd

If you want your business to stand out, you need to make it interactive. There are a host of different ways that you can do this. You can offer an exclusive discount for people who use the card. You could also provide a free sample of your product or service or offer a virtual tour of your office. The possibilities are endless.

A lot of people put their name, logo and contact details on the front of their business card. But if you want to showcase it effectively, why not use the back?

This is a great place to put a call-to-action button so that it will be easy for people to click through from the card and visit your website, social media profile, or other relevant pages. You can also include any information about what you do and how they can get in contact with you more easily in this section of the card.

Highlight your name and logo

One way to make your business card stand out is by making it more personalized. You can choose to highlight your name or your logo – or both. A lot of people will include their name and a small logo on the front with lines for contact details on the back. One great way to have a simple yet effective card is by using a letterpress business card printing service. The letterpress technique gives the cards an elegant, old-fashioned feel that can help you stand out from others.

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Add a texture to your business card

Adding a texture to your business card will create a gorgeous look that will help it stand out. You can use textures from Pinterest, or you can take your own. If you are going to design the texture yourself, make sure you have Photoshop or another editing program of your choice. If you want to give your business card a boost, try adding a texture to it!

Give your business card a tactile feel

It can be tempting to just give your business card a cursory glance after handing it to someone. This is why you should take the opportunity to make your business card more tactile. You can do this by making it into an interactive, 3D-effect design. Take a look at any souvenir shop and you will see plenty of cards that have been made with this effect in mind.

You can also create a tactile feel by providing people with something to do with their hands when they receive your business card. This might include giving them a set of fake plastic teeth or some scented confetti. These things keep people entertained for longer and encourages them not to discard your card straightaway.

Don’t forget to list your services and other information

One of the most important aspects of your business card is the services and information that you offer. You need to make it clear what you can do for others, so they know how your business will be able to help them. If you are not sure on what information to include, you should explore what other businesses in your industry are including on their cards.

Additionally, if you have any certifications or degrees from a school, those can also be included on the back of your card. This is another way for people to learn about your skills and education level.

You want to avoid cluttering up the front of your card with too much information; otherwise, it could become overwhelming for people looking at it. Having only two-three things on the front is enough space for everyone to easily read but leaves room for plenty more in the back.

You should also include a contact email address, phone number and social media links on your card. This makes it easier for prospects to connect with you online or get in touch with you through one of your social media channels where they already have an account.


The classic business card is a great way to get your name out there, but it’s important to stand out from the crowd. With a simple few additions, you can make your business something that people will want to keep. The most important part of making your business card stand out is to make sure your name and logo are prominently displayed. You want people to recognize you as soon as they see your card. If you have a logo, make sure it’s the size of your company’s name.

Next, consider adding a texture or making your card “3D” to give it more of a tactile feel. This will help people remember the feeling they get when they touch the card and will also help them remember you after they’ve put your card in their pocket or wallet. Lastly, don’t forget to list your services and other information on the back of your business card. People won’t be able to read it if it’s not on the front!


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